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Kapan Sebenarnya Niat Puasa Senin Kamis yang Benar Seperti Tuntunan Nabi Dilafalkan?

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Domain .ME Murah Hanya 80k

Saatnya memiliki domain .ME untuk blog personal. Hanya dengan Rp. 80.000, kamu bisa mendaftarkan domain .ME selamanya (dengan syarat dan ketentuan yang berlaku). Scroll down untuk cara mendapatkanya.
Kenapa memilih domain .ME Domain LTD .ME tergolong salah satu domain mahal. Harganya normal di pasaran tidak kurang dari 300k. Di Niagahoster kamu harus mengeluarkan rupiah seharga Rp. 315.000 pertahun. Dan di Dewaweb domain .ME seharga Rp. 360.000 pertahun. Harga ini tidak termasuk biaya hosting dan SSL. But fear not! Sekarang kamu bisa mendapatkan domain .ME dengan harga paling murah (guaranteed) dari IndoWebsite. 

Tidak seperti domain .COM atau .NET yang mainstream di internet, domain .ME memberi kesan personal. kamu bisa menggunakan nama KTP atau handle internet dengan domain .ME. Walaupun kamu sudah punya domain .COM, menambahkan domain .ME sebagai parking domain tidak salah juga. Plus, kamu bisa mendapatkanya hanya dengan Rp. 80.000 saja.
Jika nama kamu pasaran dan ingin punya blog …

Situs Terbaik Belajar Mengetik Sepuluh Jari

Mengetik sepuluh jari merupakan skill yang sangat diperlukan di era digital seperti saat ini. Selain karena alasan kesehatan, kemampuan mengetik sepuluh jari mempengaruhi minat orang untuk memperkerjakan kamu. Jika kamu berminat berkerja sebagai customer service dan kamu mampu mengetik dengan sepuluh jari, kesempatan mendapatkan perkerjaan tersebut semakin tinggi. Jika kamu masih mengetik terbata-bata, sambil melihat ke layar dan keyboard, bisa membuat kamu ketinggalan dalam banyak bidang.

Typists Menjadi typist, orang yang mampu mengetik sepuluh jari dengan keakuratan dan kecepatan diatas rata-rata, membutuhkan latihan jari yang intens. Biasanya, kebanyakan orang membutuhkan setidaknya satu minggu untuk menguasai keyboard tanpa perlu melihatnya lagi. Dan satu bulan untuk melatih jari mengetik dengan kecepatan rata-rata, yaitu 40 WPM (Word Per Minute). Kemudian, dengan latihan yang rutin, kecepatan dan akurasi kamu bisa meningkat.

Ada banyak situs belajar mengetik yang bisa kamu gunak…

Cara Cepat Download Film di Unduhfilmrama.Net

Cara Cepat Download Film Di Situs Unduhfilmrama.Net dengan cara melewati halaman-halaman iklan di situs tersebut. Let’s get on to it.

Hi, selamat datang di

Website download film terlengkap saat ini,, nampaknya semakin ribet untuk menuju ke laman download google drive. Dulu kita hanya perlu login ke akun google drive kita dan, bum, langsung tersedia link downloadnya.

Namun sekarang, kita harus melalui semua proses – klik ini, klik itu, tunggu 5 detik dll – untuk bisa menuju ke laman download google drive. Ditambah lagi pop up ads yang sering sekali tidak sengaja terklik sehingga membuat browser kita lambat.

Kita harus respect usaha admin yang bersusah payah begadang (hanya asumsi) sehingga situs download film favorite saya (dan kamu) ini bisa tetap online dan ramai dengan rutin mengupdate film baru berkualitas bagus. Mereka tentunya mendapatkan income dengan iklan. Tapi bagi kita (consumer) iklan pop up dan landing pages sangan menjengkelkan.

Namun …

The Head, Heart and Hand Concept

Curriculum in Indonesia is, more or less, based on Asy’ari concept of 3 Hs (head, heart, hand) but the terms are changed into Cognitive (head, or intellectual thinking), Affective (heart, or social emotion). Psychomotor, on the other hand, cannot be defined as the concept of hand because, according to Asy’ari, hand means producing or creating.

The essence of the concept hand is to generate students to create or produce as Bloom proposed it in his taxonomy as the last stage in learning. It is incomplete to suggest that the concept hand is learning by doing or activities which require students to move or use their muscles. The term psychomotor is not similar to the concept of hand as suggested by Syafii’s view but the psychometric activities – does indeed – derive to a handful students.

However, the concept hand is also implemented in our current curriculum. Thus, even though we use different terms, or defined slightly different, the initial concepts are kept the same – we also find the 3…

What to Teach in EFL Class

It perhaps has come to our mind on the idea that we don’t know about how to teach English to our students. Some might say that the way I teach is confusing my students. Other might say that teaching English for complete beginners is practically impossible. These are problems the we, teachers, face today because we could not differentiate between language and skills.

In teaching English, there are two main domains that teachers need to understand and comprehend, system/language and skills. These two should not be mixed since both are not the same things and one has very little to do to the other. 
Language/system (language will be used) deals with the pattern of the language. On this domain, there are 4 items that need to be taught in the class; vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and function. Vocabulary deals with the meaning of a word; pronunciation deals with how the word is pronounced; grammar deals with the structure of words; function deals with meaning of the structure of words, g…

Sleep Before 12 Midnight

When we were kids, 2 decades ago or so, we were told to get to bet before 9 and it was so easy to have long, nice sleep. However, today at adulthood, sleeping before twelve o’clock is not something we accustom to. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s that we can’t. We name this insomnia. 

We believe what doctors say, maybe on a health website, that insomnia is not a pleasant habit and it comes with dangerous results to our body and it should not be lingered. Insomnia results, as doctors exclaim, an unproductive day ahead. 
Since insomnia happens when our eyes stay wide awake all night and somehow we don’t have power to close them off, there are tips and advises offered for most adults. These tips help us to override how our mind works so we might get some long, nice sleep. 

First, this must be considered as challenge, otherwise, it won’t work. Second, the following tips are not in order so you may choose whichever you believe suited you best.
Exercise is good and always will be and is…

Keep Phones Away on Weekends

In modern times, keeping our phones aside from us is probably, with or without a strict command, a tremendous challenge we might face. It is very difficult for most adults unable to check Facebook feeds or tweets, or perhaps, unable to read news from online portal websites, or maybe, unable to check on games’ current activity.

It would mean lost in the world when we forget to take our phones due to rush and urgency meetings or unintentionally forget to recharge the phones the other night. The idea of being offline to all social media and instant messaging is, if not exaggerated, a catastrophe. No one could bare not sliding left only to check what time is it. 
The notion of keeping our phones away and staying offline for a weekend, probably just on Sunday, is in fact a good and healthy challenge we need to commit. Although it is conventionally unorthodox for our postmodern time to evade phones, not carrying phones in our pockets for a day has calm and friendly advantages we might get. B…